Enjoy Study 昕享留遊學 菲律賓代辦 海外遊學

Enjoy Study 昕享留遊學

Enjoy Study 昕享留遊學

Enjoy Study 昕享留遊學,創立於2022年,由台菲混血創辦人趙美安(Mei)及同事江巧雲(Cherry) 共同打造。Mei 曾在宿霧長大,擁有豐富海外經驗。2020年創立PODCAST頻道"出走吧 國外生活攻略",分享海外生活經驗。在疫情結束後,成立昕享留遊學,致力於提供學生出國生活的滿足和放心。Mei的當地知識使得公司能提供全方位資訊和照顧。昕享留遊學都是最佳選擇,為您提供最適合的遊學諮詢。

Enjoy Study was founded in 2022 by the Taiwanese-Filipino founder Zhao Mei’an (Mei) and her colleague Jiang Qiaoyun (Cherry). Mei grew up in Cebu and has extensive overseas experience. In 2020, he founded the PODCAST channel “Go Away, Guide to Living Abroad” to share experiences in overseas living. After the epidemic is over, Xinxiang Study Abroad was established to provide students with satisfaction and peace of mind when living abroad. Mei’s local knowledge enables the company to provide comprehensive information and care. Xinxiang study abroad is the best choice and provides you with the most suitable study tour consultation.


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Enjoy Study 昕享留遊學 菲律賓代辦 海外遊學




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Different from ordinary study tour agencies, since Mei is a local in Cebu, she can grasp local information first-hand, whether it is food, tourism, medical care, or life. We can provide students with the most complete information and the most meticulous care for everything from small to large tasks such as work. By helping thousands of students realize their dream of studying abroad, Experience and provide you with study tour consultation that is most suitable for you. If you have considered studying in the Philippines, but don’t know how to start or which agency you are still considering. Don’t No doubt, Xinxiang Study Abroad is not only your best choice for traveling to the Philippines! It is your best friend when traveling!


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